Preliminary Findings

Diverse Research Interest But Few Firm Conclusions The body of research potentially useful to documenting the FPESA hypothesis is reasonably extensive. We are reviewing more than 900 peer-reviewed papers published in the last decade based on titles and abstracts that suggest some connection to the linkage we are examining. Many authors of these papers are women and/or are from or working in developing countries, refuting common perceptions that the family planning-population-sustainability linkage has limited appeal beyond developed countries or represents a male or even patriarchal perspective. The presumption seems common among many scientist that population growth, in particular, is a significant driver of many types of environmental change. In more than a few cases, researchers assemble data or work with models in attempt to demonstrate and even quantify the role of population growth So far, however, we have identified at most a handful of papers that assessors agree are scientifically … Continue reading Preliminary Findings