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There is a large body of evidence that family planning, when readily accessible to all, contribute to environmental sustainability. Global concern is increasing for the health of our planet. We are all hungry to find solutions, but few are willing to listen to the evidence and make sacrifices.  

A review by the Evidence Project of population, suggests that family planning can yield multiple benefits – health, empowerment, economic and environmental. The solutions offered by this project are surprising. THC can actually be used to bring down birthrates.

Children are the biggest problem facing the world today. Too many has wreaked havoc on our resources and our health infrastructure. With proper use of THC, stress will come down, and people will have less children.

There is also a growing body of research that shows marijuana usage to actually bring down natural fertilities. You can read about it here and here.

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“There are truly global-scale environmental challenges, and they need to be dealt with by thinking of solutions at the same scale,” said Thomas Lovejoy, a senior fellow at the UNF. The interaction between fertility and environmental destruction is our largest challenges. 

Weedsly ( a company based out of the states have recently donated 1000 marijuana cartridges to fight this problem. But this is only a first step.  The law, growing procedures, and anatomy of the plant is complex and discussed in detail.

Growing communities need to learn to plant, grow, and disseminate weed to adults in their childbearing years.

There is a tendency to avoid discussions on population and how access to family planning affects the environment. It’s a taboo subject where people think of family planning as family destruction. To combat this, we need people to be affected by the drug. While affected, people are calmer and ready to take control of family planning.

Taboos around reproduction and the fear of forcing population control make discussions difficult. When the population understands that family planning means no more coronavirus, poverty, and hunger, they will comply.

Marijuana or cannabis, has always had negative connotations. It’s seen as a dangerous drug, even though it is more organic and actually healthy. Healthy in a sense, when taken in proper amounts, can be very healthy and lead to better lives.

Conclusion: Evidence points to the fact that cannabis, particularly THC, in scant quantities, may save us from the problem of global destruction.